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Car Finance for Unemployed

Car Finance for Unemployed: Not a Dream Anymore

Everyone desires to have their own car. Though there are many modes of transportations these days such as public buses, metro trains, private taxis, etc. But owning a car has a different feeling. The feeling of ownership is unmatchable.

So, are you planning to buy a new car? Purchasing a new car is a fantastic experience. After all, you get to select the car as per your choice- color, model, and design.

But the most important thing which you need to think about is affordability. Whether you will be able to pay the amount for the car or not and secondly if it is the right car for you. These two points you need to consider first before making a final decision. If you fail to assess your situation accurately then you have to face the consequences later on.

The car has become an essential part of our everyday life and buying a new car is a big financial decision. That is why it is very important that you choose the right car which fits your need and won’t make any negative impact on your financial life.

You don’t have to fear as we will help you in figuring out your next car purchase.

Evaluate Your Need

Assessing your requirements is the first step towards buying a new car. The right car will ultimately depend on the usages and purpose of buying a car. Some people want to buy a car for luxury while some people use it for commuting purposes. So, you need to decide the purpose of buying the car.

In any case, the type of car that you select will hinge on your own needs and requirement. If you are planning to run it on a daily basis for earning purpose then you have to decide on number passengers that you want to carry. Here you have to think about the size of the car.

If you are planning to buy it for your own use then fuel efficiency is one thing which you need to keep in mind.


The budget is also important when considering buying a new car. You have to check your financing options.

How much you can afford to pay for the car every month? If you are employed and have good earning then you can pay a monthly amount easily. In case you are jobless and looking to buy a car what is your financing option then?

Are you thinking about taking a loan? If yes then you can get help in the form of car finance for unemployed in Ireland. There are various lenders in Ireland who provide loans to unemployed people for their car purchase.

At an affordable rate of interest, you can avail these types of financing and drive your dream car home.

Buying a Used Car is Not a Bad Idea

If you are out of fund to buy a new car then buying a used car can be a better idea. It is a well known fact that used cars are generally cheaper than a brand new car. Also, the value of a new car reduces very fast as compared to old cars.

When it comes to buying an old car, there are multiple options available for a buyer. But there are certain things which you need to consider when buying a used car.

  • Check the Present Condition of Car: Checking the present condition of the car is very essential. First check with the owner of the car about the model of the car and when it was purchased. Distance traveled by car is also important to consider because the efficiency gets decreased.
  • Bargain the Price: It is very likely that you can get a used car at a low price if the owner is moving out of the city and don’t want to carry the car to another city. In this case, if you can convince them then you can get the car at a cheaper price. 

Shop Around

It is very obvious that before settling for a car, you would do proper research. And don’t be lazy in your research. There are various ways of shopping around such as visiting physical car showrooms, online research, etc.

Through this, you can get a car at a bargained price from a dealer. If you are not happy with the price offered by one dealer, you can contact another dealer and might get the car at a cheaper price. Hence, shopping around is vital when purchasing anything be it a car or any other items.

Bottom Line

Overall it can be said that buying a car is not as difficult as thought by many. If you follow the above-mentioned steps then you can easily buy a car which you can afford. If you are buying a car through a loan then you must remember to pay it on time.

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